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Only HH Robertson is Safely Green

Only HH Robertson is Safely Green

HH Robertson believes that no building product can be truly green unless it's first truly safe.

While other cable management systems may provide flexibility and some green building attributes, only HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems optimize flexibility and sustainability without sacrificing safety.


Alternative Wiring Systems vs. HH Robertson In-Floor Systems



Alternative systems: Petroleum-based telecom cables are a hazardous source of fuel for fires. When plastic cables burn, they create extreme heat, release lethal toxins, and are very difficult to extinguish since the fire is above the sprinkler system. Cables located in ceiling plenums are not protected from fire and represent the same fuel load as gasoline on a weight basis.

The cable industry addresses this safety issue by providing a more expensive plenum rated cable that is fire retardant, or slow burning, but ignite in one minute if exposed to flame.

The HH Robertson Difference: With HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems, cables are buried in the floor slab inside steel cells. Less costly general purpose cables can be used because fire is not an issue, offering huge savings to the user. HH Robertson systems must pass a two-hour fire test while alternative ceiling based systems cannot endure even five minutes of fire exposure without creating great hazard to building occupants.


Alternative systems: A building's concrete floor slabs are designed to prevent the spread of fire to upper floors and should never be breached. But poke-thru wiring devices require that the floor slab be completely penetrated at each device.

Poke-thru outlets are fireproofed with intumescent disks or seals which are activated by high heat (450°F+). At lower heat levels, poke-thru wiring allows carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses to penetrate into the space above the fire. These outlets must be wet sealed or caulked to eliminate this danger.

The HH Robertson Difference: The floor slab is never penetrated when an HH Robertson in-floor cable management system is properly installed and fireproofed on its underside.


Alternative systems: Lead and cadmium are common additives to plastic cables. Over time these metals can migrate to the surface of the cable and become airborne. They cannot be filtered out of the return air and, therefore, are present in the recycled air.

Buildings with telecom cables in supply or return air plenums can allow this serious health hazard. For more information go to http://www.epa.gov/.

The HH Robertson Difference: With in-floor cable management systems, the cables are encased in steel cells within the floor slab, so the lead cannot enter the building's air supply.



HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems demonstrate the most important principles of sustainable building product design:



Design products to last indefinitely.

HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems last the full lifespan of a building and require no maintenance.

Replace or eliminate product ingredients that are known to be harmful to people and the environment.

HH Robertson systems contain no harmful substances and help to shield people from hazardous cable ingredients like lead.

Reduce the amount of material required for a product.

HH Robertson systems use the commonly required structural steel deck to serve cable distribution functions, which eliminates the need for additional cable management systems.

Design products with materials that can be easily recycled or up-cycled into products of higher value.

HH Robertson in-floor cabling distribution systems are made from steel, which is one of the most widely recycled materials and contains a very high percentage of recycled content.


Learn how HH Robertson systems may contribute to LEED certification.


Cradle-to-CradleCM Certified


Cradle to Cradle Certified

HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution system is Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Silver level by the MBDC*. This certification means that HH Robertson in-floor cabling distribution systems meet established standards for human health, environmental health and recyclability.

HH Robertson in-floor cabling distribution system contains a high percentage of recycled content, is fully recyclable, minimizes jobsite waste and conserves materials during the manufacturing process.

More significantly, by employing HH Robertson's in-floor cable distribution system, a variety of other building system materials (ordinarily required to cable a building without an in-floor cabling system) are either reduced or eliminated. These materials include conduit, cable trays, power poles, poke-thru devices, access floor panels and pedestals, and others. As the HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution system also serves as the steel decking in steel frame construction, use of the system represents a significant net reduction in material usage, while enhancing the health, safety and welfare of building occupants.

*Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark of MBDC.

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