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Cable Raceways and Overfloor Raceways

Issues with Cable Wiring Alternatives: Cable Raceways and Overfloor Raceways

Other cable management systems, like Cable Raceways and Overfloor Raceways, are designed to provide economical passageways for wiring. But these alternative systems may also present safety and environmental issues.

  • Cables located in ceiling systems expose combustible plastic covered cables to flame, threatening the lives of building occupants.
  • Cable Raceway devices require that a building's concrete floor slabs, which should never be breached, be completely penetrated. In the event of a fire, smoke rapidly travels through the penetrations and spreads toxic smoke through the building.
  • Lead, a common ingredient in cables, seeps out over time, causing cables located in wiring systems like cable raceways and overfloor raceways to emit dangerous lead particulates into a building's air supply.

In addition to the safety and environmental issues, alternative systems require routine maintenance. Abandoned cables in ceiling systems must be removed or red-tagged, while the space beneath raised floors needs to be kept clean. Over time, the floor and ceiling tiles become damaged and need to be replaced, resulting in more work as well as mismatched tiles.

Reasons to Specify HH Robertson versus Cable Raceways or Overfloor Raceways

HH Robertson accommodates your desired office layout with less hassle. Only HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems optimize flexibility and sustainability without sacrificing safety.

HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems:

  • Allow the structural steel deck to also serve cable distribution functions, eliminating the need for additional cable management systems.
  • Contain no hazardous substances and help shield people from harmful cable ingredients like lead.
  • Are made from steel, one of the most widely recycled materials.
  • Deliver hassle-free access and activation of preset outlet boxes without the use of ladders or distracting core drilling.
  • Last the full lifespan of a building and require no maintenance.
  • Provide multiple access points to telephone, data, and power and accommodate a maximum number of workstation outlets for power and data.

The combination of structural and electrical benefits makes HH Robertson in-floor cable distribution systems more efficient and economical than alternative cable management systems like cable raceways and overfloor raceways.

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